Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The life has changed,
the life has changed greatly,
it is full of fear, doubts, uncertainty,
I remind my cattles, my sweet cattles,
the new born babies of those cattles,
that required my attention,
how they are now?
I remind the cold, transparent water of river,
I remind with tears in eyes,
as here in very hot camps I feel so thirsty,
I remind the sweet fresh apples, berries, apricot
while eating the rice whom Baba get after long waiting in rows
I think how the sun is so fierce,
the sun that melt ice at our mountains & bring spring
where are warm colours rows of flowers
where are the butterflies, the sweet song birds
where are their voices, their sweet songs,
where are my friends, who play with me while driving the cattles
the broken heart is left
full of sorrows, painful doubts.

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