Monday, May 27, 2013


"It has rightfully and deservingly earned its name as "THE MIRACLE TREE", for the following reasons. 1)It is one of the very rare trees whose leaves can be cooked and eaten as vegetable. 2)It leaf's potency is tripled when shadow dried and said to contain:- Vitamin A, B, B1, B2, C, E , 20 types of Amino acids, 46 types of Anti-oxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compound - all natural, It also has essential oils and fibres. 3)Its leaves has been used as fertilizers and as live stock feed in India and Africa. 4)Its pod is often used as a sexual booster for men. 5)It is a very good Tree to plant for the prevention of soil erosions. 6)Its seeds can be powdered to recycle water. Because of its antitoxic properties, it is able to absorbed and clear water of over 90% of bacteria and dirty sediments. 7)The oil from extracted from the seed, burns without smoke and also a good lubricant. 8)Blue dye can be extracted from the wood. 9) In emergency, its wood can be used as fuel for fire. 10) It's roots has many curative properties, we will leave that to the medicine man. 11) It also oozes out latex which the folk medicine doctors know how to apply. 12) It can be easily planted and grown with minimum care. 13) For once. it is advocated by nearly all the religious leaders of the world and not by some guys who are out to make money for them selves. 14) It is very very cheap - check out FAQ on this web site. 15) Those who have consumed it will feel result within a week if not earlier. 16) It has been said to cure and heal over 300 diseases." SOURCE:

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