Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Next Guantanamo

Thank you for airing this important issue. Habeus Corpus is what makes us different from the terrorists. If we hurt people without reason, we are terrorists too. They believe strongly in the rightness of their cause, just as we believe in ours. It is only adherence to the rule of law that sets us apart.It might sound innocuous to "detain someone." But think where your family would be if you disappeared for a month, a year, six years, indefinitely. Consider your mental state from lack of work, isolation, fear. Most of these people are in their prime productive years. What are we doing to their income, their family, their social adjustment? It is not a harmless event, even if they are humanely treated. And it certainly does not "win hearts and minds."Terrorism is a crime. A heinous crime against humanity. We need to treat it as a crime, not call it a "war". We need to clarify our goals.The economy, health care, education, all will take time and probably some compromise. Habeus Corpus is different. It is not negotiable if we are a Democracy.

— Anne Newcomb, Wilson, Wyo.
(comments taken from NewYork Times editorial article " The next Guantanamo" How general people think about these issues, these comments by Ms. Anne Newcomb are best illustration. We are all Human beings & it is natural thing that we all similarly react, think, feel sorry in general environment.)

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