Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"The power of command frequently causes failure to think."
Barbara Tuchman.

From this overview, certain behaviors and goals seem self-evident: Bring cultures in conflict into Dialogue together. This effort could:
Prevent nuclear holocaust: Communication can lead to updating and implementing the Baruch Plan for controlling nuclear activities.
Remove an important cause of terror: Eliminate humiliation within and among cultures.
Increase ability to integrate all societies: Updating, internationalizing, and expanding the Peace Corp or an international equivalent can lead to further cooperation and tolerance between societies.
Effectively cap terror: Making the UN an effective World Government working to stabilize and modernize rogue countries, while preserving the best of what each culture has to offer, can be a transforming step.
Excise Extremism: Reforming societies, while preserving the best of what each culture has to offer, can bring about mutual understanding of one another.
Limit energy use: Finite sources are, well, finite. Learning to live with what is available from the sun and the atom is paramount to human survival. Maintaining that humankind has not contributed to global warming is to practice the highest form of denial (a root hang-up), to the detriment of all races and species on earth.
Limit Population Growth: There is NO CHOICE but to limit the birthrate of all humanity. If we do not, we shall all die as do microbes in a fermenting wine bottle when the sugar gives out and they drown in their own effluent. Affluent societies naturally limit their birth rates--yet another signpost on the road to peace. The "weapon of the womb" has a place in evolution. But humankind is now in control of its own destiny. There is, at the very most, a half century left to alter the population-growth paradigm. Otherwise, the exhaustion of resources and the fights over what is left will surely wipe entire societies off the face of the earth.

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