Monday, November 1, 2010


Active citizen workshop held in Mid city hotel Near Dera Adda Multan at October 28, 2010 with the coordination of Awaz Foundation and British council. It was four days workshop that ended at October 31, 2010.
There were 29 Participants in this workshop from varieties of culture, ages, education, social standard, mental approach and gender.
It was like a group of flowers with different colors,size and different perfumes.
Mr. Sultan and Ms. Shabnum Ayyub were Facilitator of this workshop who performed their assigned tasks beautifully and effectively.

The scope of this workshop was to make realize the youth of this area that they have abundance of qualities too much that can bring a good CHANGE, the change that is long desire of our homeland.
Decreasing the trust deficit between each others, between different social groups, between peoples of rural areas and urban areas.
Understanding to each others that is key in this dimension.

Individual and society
Who has decision power
Project Planning
These were topics that were explaining with effective style:
Facilitating participants to indulge in different activities so that the required topic fully explain and than critical appreciation of those activities by intense discussion and feedback by maximum participants especially from those who were hesitate, or less educated or belong to distant rural areas or who can not easily explain their observations, emotions or point of views. This workshop to me is especially useful for all such Participants. At the end I really astonish to observe obviously a change in such participants.
Activities were design to develop creativity in Participants.
It was a good platform for youth in such circumstances, the youth that is future of every Nation.

Initial information relevant to the topic and fully grip at the topic is necessary in this regard so that it can deliver more effectively to all participants, though time is big constraint but efforts should be made.

I really enjoyed this workshop, laughing at jokes, innocence; by appreciating the participants, by understanding these topics with a new style in natural environment.

I thanks to Awaz Foundation, The field personnel who firstly motivate, our Facilitators ( There is a good list of teachers from primary level to Master level, but few are " the teachers I liked most " now these few have increase with 02.

Thanking to all of you.

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