Saturday, January 17, 2009

I had a dream.

I had a dream,
the pure, sacred dream
there are very beautiful colours all around
the children of diffrent nations are smiling & gaglings
without any shadow of fear
there is no any sort of discrimination:
between balck and white,
among Asians, Westerns, Africans and rest of the other Nations,
among Christians, Muslims ,Jesus, Hindu and other Religions,
between rich and poor,
between man and woman,
between employer and employee
Every one pay high respect to each other
Every one spend his/ her life as he/ she wishes
without any sort of preassure; direct or indirect
There is no need of spending earned money at weapons,
because there is no any sort of threat to each other
simply they have learned the great lesson,
to live together with love, respect and honour
so the money is spending for the best welfare of whole Humanity,
such spending is the sacred task for all peoples,
under the sun
every one enjoying the freedom, the best fascilities of the world,
under the sun
The peoples of the globe have develop this modest culture,
inspite of many differences among them
They develop such culture,
with the basic principles of life;
the patience,
the forgiveness,
understanding to each other,
paying respect to each other,
share the pain and joys of each other
this was the dream
Perhaps the Master, the creator of this universe
will bring such time,
under the sun,
at this planet

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